We provide a safe and
environmentally friendly solution to recycling
electronic waste

Would you like to know if your items are recyclable?

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Printed Circuits

We buy and recycle all grades of printed circuit boards. Instant cash or EFT payment

Electronic Waste

We buy and collect electronic waste from consumers, Businesses and government.


Secure, transparent and circular solutions for businesses and government.

Data destruction

we can arrange the degaussing/crushing of sensitive hardware according to client requirements


e-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream in South Africa. Every year, you the consumer and businesses discard of millions of televisions, computers, cell phones, and other electronic products. The challenge is to find economical ways to recycle and reuse these products. We at iConnect Techno Hub (Pty) Ltd we Recyclers provide a service to the day to day consumer as well as our bigger corporates, retailers, education facilities, medical institutes and our local & national government.

Corporate E-Waste Solutions

We assist corporate clients dealing with the disposal of their redundant electronic and IT equipment and scrap.  On computing equipment which are deemed refurbishable we make an appointment to view available items after which we send an Offer to Purchase depending on the quantity and specification of available items.  We make offers on:

  • PCs
  • LCD Monitors
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Other electronic assets

Government E-Waste Solutions

We are registered on National Treasury’s Central Supplier database as well as with most Government Departments. We understand Government Procedures and we are happy to abide by these. We have experience in the IT industry as well as extensive experience in the management of electronic waste. We are listed on the Central Supplier Database.

Residential E-Waste Solutions

We buy all electronic waste (functioning as well as redundant/non-functioning). Anything from toasters, roasters, microwaves, TV’s, cables etc. We collect from your premise if you have 1ton and more available, for smaller quantities please bring items to our BuyBack Centre in Kimberley where we will weigh and pay.

Please note we don’t take the following:

  • Radioactive materials;
  • Mercury or mercury containing switches;
  • Burnt copper;
  • Fluorescent tubes;
  • CFL Bulbs;
  • and other hazardous materials.

For items sold at iConnect Techno Hub Weigh & Pay please bring identification in the form of ID, Passport or Drivers Licence Card.